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Gold Trading / Secured Loan

We provide other financial aid through buying your used gold or thru gold pledging loan scheme based on the latest gold market price.

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Licensed Moneylender

We provide the prescribed interest rate fixed by the local government which is of 18% annually (For Unsecured Loan aka "Pinjaman Tanpa Cagaran"), and 12% annually (For Secured Loan aka "Pinjaman Bercagar")

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Where are we?

We are available in Kedah and Perlis, Northern Malaysia. Our branches are located at Jitra (Headquarter), Alor Star, Kuala Nerang, Gurun, Sungai Petani, and Kangar.

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Our FAQs

For money-lending, if you were or are working for the government bodies, you are ELIGIBLE for our short-term loan at a fixed interest rate of 1.5% (secured loan) or 1% (unsecured loan) monthly.

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***** Sri Guan Teik Malaysia is the FIRST and ONLY Award Winning Licensed Moneylender in Malaysia. Gold pledging scheme interest is as low as 1% monthly. Short of money? We are your best choice!!***** Sri Guan Teik Malaysia, Syarikat Terunggul di Utara Semenanjung. Pemberi Pinjam Wang yang pertama dan satu-satunya mendapat anugerah Golden Bull Award. Barang Emas boleh JUAL atau GADAI di sini dengan faedah bulanan serendah 1% sahaja. Berurusan dengan kami, pilihan yang bijak!!********

Sri Guan Teik Credit Sdn Bhd is a licensed moneylender who operates for the purpose of promoting thrift, providing personal loan (pinjaman peribadi) to selected customers at a fixed rate determined by the Ministry of Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government, and providing other financial services to its customers. Other financial service is buying the old or used golden jewellery, broken gold, and others from customers at a high price.

For Money Lending, we offer Pensioners loan. Sri Guan Teik Credit Sdn Bhd provides loan to currently employed government servants, which is the advancement of their salary paid by the government authorities.

For Gold and Jewellery Trading, we offer pawning service and permanently trade off service for gold and jewelery. Our expert in valuation of gold is established since year 1986 where Sri Guan Teik was once a Jewelery shop. We value the gold based on the latest and updated gold market price so that customers can get the best and the highest price from us. We are an experienced valuer and directly pairing with goldsmith to reprocess the gold to gold bars and new jewelleries.

If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The Latest Gold Price:-


existing customers rewards

If you are already our existing customers, it is a good new for you. We are creating a word of mouth campaign where introduction of one new customer to us, we will give away a maximum of RM100.00 cash to you.

The Reward Scheme is as following:-

(i) Cash RM100 - For any New Pension Loan Scheme introduced amounting to RM2,001.00 and above.

(ii) Cash RM50 - For any New Pension Loan Scheme introduced amounting to RM2,000.00 and below.

(iii) Cash RM50 - For any new Salary Scheme application inroduced.

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Sri Guan Teik Credit Sdn Bhd is proud to be able to put the word "CREDIT" into its company name. The word "CREDIT" is a controlled wording and it has been gazetted with the Ministry. Sri Guan Teik Credit has successfully applied and got it approved. It is a great recognition to the company.

Sri Guan Teik Credit Sdn Bhd is proud to be chosen as one of the top 20 Emerging SMEs in Golden Bull Award 2010. For more information, please check it out at Golden Bull Award 2010.

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