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Licensed Moneylender

We provide the prescribed interest rate fixed by the local government which is of 18% annually (For Unsecured Loan aka "Pinjaman Tanpa Cagaran"), and 12% annually (For Secured Loan aka "Pinjaman Bercagar")

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Gold Trading / Secured Loan

We provide other financial aid through buying your used gold or thru gold pledging loan scheme based on the latest gold market price.

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Where are we?

We are available in Kedah and Perlis, Northern Malaysia. Our branches are located at Jitra (Headquarter), Alor Star, Kuala Nerang, Gurun, Sungai Petani, and Kangar.

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Our FAQs

For money-lending, if you were or are working for the government bodies, you are ELIGIBLE for our short-term loan at a fixed interest rate of 1.5% (secured loan) or 1% (unsecured loan) monthly.

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Sri Guan Teik Credit Sdn Bhd (Formerly known as Sri Guan Teik Enterprise Sdn Bhd) is a company established to serve as a licensed moneylender to offer short-term loans to customers. Short-term loan is a highly secured loan and it is only given to pensioners and government servants. The primary aim of Sri Guan Teik Credit Sdn Bhd is to provide financial aid to customers and meet the preference or demand of the customers.

Our business has been commenced from scratch back in year 1986 till now. In year 2010, Sri Guan Teik Credit Sdn Bhd has successfully awarded Golden Bull Award as Emerging SME. In 2014, the company has successfully awarded the approval of Ministry to be renamed as Sri Guan Teik Credit Sdn Bhd. The gazzetted word "CREDIT" has meant a lot to our growth. Today, Sri Guan Teik Credit Sdn Bhd has twelve (12) branches dominating the market in Northern Malaysia, specifically the State of Kedah, Penang, Perlis and Selangor. Therefore, Sri Guan Teik Credit Sdn Bhd has a well-developed customers base and a reputable brand name in money lending industry.

Thus far, Sri Guan Teik Credit Sdn Bhd has helped or assisted over 10,000 customers in Malaysia during economy downturn, short of cash problems, sickness and emergency cases. Sri Guan Teik Credit Sdn Bhd holds a slogan of "Quality Service is Our Business". A friendly, fair, and creative work environment is always being maintained.



Everything we do is inspired by our enduring mission. We are committed to provide the highest quality services to our customers. We continually strive to:

  1. Create value and make a difference.
  2. Inspire moments of optimism and happiness.
  3. Maintain a reputation of absolute trustworthiness.


Our vision serves as a strategic intent and guides every aspect of our business describing the desired long-term future state of the company.

  • Profit: To maximize long-term return to shareowners while being mindful of our overall responsibilities.
  • Planet: To make a difference by helping build and support sustainable communities.
  • People: To be a great place to work where people are inspired to share the best to the rest.
  • Power: To nurture a winning network of customers and suppliers, together we create mutual, enduring value, and expand the business.
  • Portfolio: To bring to the nation a portfolio of quality and reputable financial aid that satisfies people’s desires and needs.


We clearly understand about our company's strategic position. Keys to success for Sri Guan Teik Credit Sdn Bhd include:

  • Focus on the Market. We are closely monitoring and focusing on the needs of our customers. We always get ourselves into the market and listen, observe, and learn.
  • Adhere to the Rules and Regulations. Being a licensed moneylender, we always aware of the legal perspective. Our license is a unique asset that keeps us monopolized the private sector money lending industry.
  • Work Smart. The technology such as the Internet and IT system has brought into play in our business. We work efficiently with the aid of Internet Banking, Banker’s Standard Instructions, and CTOS. The intranet of our company links the branches and the headquarters.
  • Act like Owners. Although a company is a separate legal entity, we are always accountable for our actions and inactions. The steward system has focused on segregation of duties to prevent any fraud and error. Our business experience since year 1986 is supported by effective internal controls system and the working attitude.
  • Be the Brand. We promote and extend our customer base via word of mouth advertising. We reward our existing customers who are successfully introduced a new customers to our company.



More Information

Sri Guan Teik Credit Sdn Bhd is running on a private limited company in money lending business and buying used golds. The aim of the business is to promote thrift, help the poor, and to bring the greatest happiness to the greatest number of people.


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