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Licensed Moneylender

We provide the prescribed interest rate fixed by the local government which is of 18% annually (For Unsecured Loan aka "Pinjaman Tanpa Cagaran"), and 12% annually (For Secured Loan aka "Pinjaman Bercagar")

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Gold Trading / Secured Loan

We provide other financial aid through buying your used gold or thru gold pledging loan scheme based on the latest gold market price.

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Where are we?

We are available in Kedah and Perlis, Northern Malaysia. Our branches are located at Jitra (Headquarter), Alor Star, Kuala Nerang, Gurun, Sungai Petani, and Kangar.

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Our FAQs

For money-lending, if you were or are working for the government bodies, you are ELIGIBLE for our short-term loan at a fixed interest rate of 1.5% (secured loan) or 1% (unsecured loan) monthly.

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GOLD AND JEWELLERY trading Service

We buy used gold, broken gold, or new gold based on the global gold market price. We are a reliable gold trader with more than 25 years of experience. The price that we give would be unbeatable because we are pairing with a reputable goldsmith in processing the used gold to gold bars and new jewellery.


SECURED LOAN thru gold pledging scheme

At Sri Guan Teik Malaysia, we provide you with a vast horizon of possibilities to help you meet your short-term financial needs.

It's Fast, Convenient & Hassle-Free.

Gold or jewelry, use it temporarily to get an instant loan with us. In a matter of minutes, we will be able to accommodate your emergency cash requirements.

Highest Appraisals & Safety Guaranteed

We guarantee to give you the highest possible appraisals for your items at a fraction of the cost versus our leading competitors. Don't worry about the safety of your prized belongings as we assure you that it is kept safe.

Hurry now! Call us at (+60) 17-433-LOAN (5626) & learn how we can find ways to accommodate your financial needs!

Again! If you are short of money, we could offer you a short term loan by treating your gold as a collateral. Fast process and low interest rate guaranteed!

Please feel free to walk-in to any of our branches and allow our expert staffs to assist you.

You are most welcome to contact us for more information if you are unable to come to our branch.


More Information

Sri Guan Teik Credit Sdn Bhd is the only award winning company in moneylending and gold trading business. Sri Guan Teik Credit Sdn Bhd was formed in the year of 2004, Previously, it was running on a sole proprietorship business, named Guan Teik Enterprise since year 1986. So, the business has been commenced from scratch back in year 1986 till now. Today, Sri Guan Teik Credit Sdn Bhd has eight (8) branches dominating the market in North Malaysia, specifically the State of Kedah, and Perlis. Therefore, Sri Guan Teik Credit Sdn Bhd has a well-developed customers base and a reputable brand name in money lending and gold trading industry.

The Latest Gold Price:-